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Debt Mate assist you the best way possible. Thank you for supplying us all your personal information, All Information that have been gathered will only be supplied to Debt Mate and is highly confidential and will not be given to any other companies or third parties, it will be used for marketing purposes and contacting you on a regular basis to keep you informed on the process of your Debt Review application once negotiations have started with the creditors and if you have any questions or if you are unclear about anything at any point, you are welcome to contact our admin department on by emailing them on admin@debt-mate.co.za or you may call them on 031 530 7442 during office hours :

• Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM

If it is urgent then you are welcome to contact the Debt Counsellor directly on 0836612791 or you can simply send him a WhatsApp message and will get a message soon as he does become available.

Please Read the following terms and conditions to you so that you have a better understanding of the Debt Review Process and if the consultant have missed out any important information, it would appear on the welcome letter or the form 16 which you can download or we can email to you at any point as per your request after you have started the Debt Review process with Debt Mate, You may also visit our website on www.debt-mate.co.za , it has a lot of interesting information of Debt Review(Which is the site that you are on, Kindly go through each page so you have a better understanding of exactly how Debt Mate will be assisting you in your road to become Debt Free)

Normally a credit check conducted with your authorisation to collect all of your credit information from the Credit bureau so that we can pick up all existing credits with amounts, balances, interest rates, etc. so Debt Mate has a better chance of giving you a more efficient and accurate savings amount after rough estimates has been conducted.

We trust that you have supplied us with all correct information because all rough estimates will be calculated based on information you have given to us, Any incorrect information given to us from the client could lead to incorrect figures been calculated and could lead to the application being declined/withdrawn once you have agreed to go ahead with application after the estimates have been given to you.

By now you have been sent out a SMS or an EMAIL for your form 16 which you have signed either digitally or manually by printing out and signing. You will then be given your estimated restructured amount. Along with the form 16, we require you to send us the following documents,


Kindly note that as long as We have a signed form 16 and a ID copy, We instantly start the process by capturing your information onto the NCR DHS, Which is the Debt Help System which updates all Credit Bureaus that you have now applied for Debt Review

There is no obligation for you to go onto the Debt Review process if you are not happy with doing so, also we cannot put you on Debt Review until we have your permission and without a consent from your side which is most importantly the form 16, Once we have the Form 16, It gives us the right to proceed with the application, So please do not sign the form if you only want a quote or if you only checking how much you want to save because we have remote agents that do not have recording facilities in their phones and due to the current pandemic we are forced to allow some of our staff to work from home under these conditions because there is not other options for our lead generation specialists.

All information gathered will be handed over to The Debt Counsellor and The DC will contact you directly should there be any information that would be required from you or somebody from the head office or the admin department with call you on his behalf.

Kindly remember when you are on the Debt review process, you will not be able to use your current accounts/credit commitments or apply for any new credit until we have settled all Debts. Please note that your payment term may or may not increase depending on the restructured amount and negotiations with the creditors. Once you have settled all Debts except a secured finance such as home loan or bond, you will be free to go back into the Credit market with Clean records and Credit score and will get a clearance certificate, also note that if you are married Community of property (COP) or ANC with Accrual, the application will have to be a joint application. Both you and your partner will go under debt review, Single application cannot be accepted.  We will also require all supporting documents from your partner as well or it will be an incomplete application and will not be able to proceed to court, Meaning we can start the process with just the form 16 and ID copy but it is your duty as client to ensure the balance of the supporting documents are sent to us, because we will make it out duty to remind you via Phone Calls, SMSs, Emails, etc

Just to give you little information of what happens when the DHS is updated, The Debt Counsellor updates the Debt Help System and creditors stating client has applied for Debt Review using the Form 17.1, All certificate of balances is requested from the creditors and then an affordability assessment is conducted by the Debt Counsellor, Once that is done completed, It is then determined whether a client is Over Indebted or Not Over Indebted and then updated on the DHS system once again which notifies all credit bureaus and then a 17.2 is sent to creditors and that’s when negotiations begin between our Debt Counsellor and each of the creditors, Kindly take note that once the 17.2 is submitted you will be placed on the Debt Review process and will not be able to exit unless all debts are paid up in full and you will get a clearance certificate and can go back into the credit market and start taking new or more accounts again,

It is a backward and forward process during negotiations that could take a few weeks until the creditors are happy with the restructured and rearranged amounts, so could you please allow for changes in the estimated amount because it could differ from the amount we have given to you and could be little less or little more than the estimated amount. Once you are happy with everything and have signed a Form 16 and sent through your supporting documents, Please can you stop all debits on your account from your credit providers by using the Debit Order cancellation forms and the 17.1 form that we will be emailing to you or sending to you on WhatsApp from our company WhatsApp phone or You can change your bank account to a savings account from a different bank and give the new banking details to your company for payments of salary into new Account If you feel that is a better option than stopping all debits and if you have enough time to do so before your salary pay date, Also kindly withdraw all existing moneys in the old bank account(Current Bank Account because creditors could still try to debit your account while it is beginning stages of the Debt Review process), The new bank account should be given to all insurance companies or for Medical Aids ,etc. So that your current covers continue and does not get cancelled, Kindly very importantly note that if you chose to cancel after we have started your process, there will be a fee of R350 + 75% of your initial restructured payment in order for us to cancel the Debt Review process with our Company.

In addition, We will not accept any clients that have already started making payments to any other debt management companies, if you are currently with or was with another Debt Counsellor and unhappy with their services, Debt Mate can assist you to reconstruct and provide you with a better service level agreement ensuring that your needs are put first. You also confirm that you do not have an existing debt counselling court order and would like Debt Mate to apply for one on your behalf. You also agree that Debt Mate will not be held liable in the event that they are unable to negotiate a reinstatement of previously terminated accounts (section 129 or 86(10) accounts as per the NCA) with my credit providers. You agree that if debt counselling is not a viable solution for you to pay off your debt then Debt Mate may cancel the agreement and retain the restructuring fee paid by you for costs incurred in the process

A welcome letter will be emailed to you with further information. As well as a brief understanding of the terms and conditions which I have just read out to you, please read it carefully. We have added the banking details onto your welcome letter of which you will make your first payment to. Remember you do not make any direct payments to Debt Mate, all payments are made to our PDA (Payment distribution Agency). Remember the welcome letter will be emailed to you from admin@debt-mate.co.za or it will be cc’d on the email which is the Debt Counsellor(Sudeer Joseph) himself and a SMS will also be sent to you with this email address so that you can compare the email addresses to ensure everything is done legit and correctly as well, All our contact details are on the welcome letter and even the Debt Counsellors direct cell phone number as well and you may feel free to contact us at any time and as many times as you may need for any assistance that you may require.

Kindly ensure that you fully understand everything mentioned here above on the terms and conditions , if you do not understand anything, You are more than welcome to contact our offices on 031 530 7442 and Debt Counsellor’s Direct Cell phone Number is 083 661 2791 ( Mr Sudeer Joseph)

Our Head Office Address is 23 Whetstone Drive, Unit 11, Phoenix, Durban, KZN, Durban, 4068, You are welcome to visit our offices at any time, Kindly contact us a day before to arrange a time so we can make your experience with us as comfortable and pleasant as possible, If you do have friends or family that you would like to refer to our Company, Kindly send us the information on admin@debt-mate.co.za and for every successful referral, we at Debt Mate will help you earn a referral fee which could actually be a second source of income monthly.

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