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About what we do

What is the overall process of debt counselling?

Assisting over-indebted clients with all their monthly debt repayments, with reductions between 30% to 60%, making it much more affordable to pay on a monthly basis. The consumer has the responsibility of making regular monthly payments to avoid legal action being taken, Debtors receive a payment from the overall payment plan that has been customised to suit the clients specific needs and the time frame duration may or may not be increased depending on the negotiations with creditors done by Debt Mate for payments made to credit providers via The PDA Through Instructions given from the Debt Counsellor from Debt Mate or even increase the amount in any way because

  • Debt Mate negotiates the best possibly rates paid to the providers to decrease the interest rates down to Zero percent
  • Debt Mate will handle the payments to your Creditors Using a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA)
  • Debt Mate also protects assets such as vehicles and family homes from been repossessed by creditors due to missed payments before Legal action has been taken ( Before Summons, Court orders, Warrant Of Execution, Etc )
  • • Debt Mate fix arrears on Debts and help you to become Debt Free
  • No Legal Action as long as you continue to make payments

Use our Online Debt Calculator

Want to know if you are over-indebted ? Use our online debt calculator by filling all the fields and amount that are relevant to you and the calculator will derive your debt value. You can use this resource at any time to monitor your finances to detemine if you need our services.

  • Item
  • Property Bond
  • Vehicle Finance
  • Other Debt
  • Total
  • Old Payment
  • R5,245.25 p/m
  • R3,519.25 p/m
  • R11,168.25 p/m
  • R19,932.75 p/m
  • New Payment
  • R3,933.94 p/m
  • R2,510.68 p/m
  • R3,390.50 p/m
  • R9,835.12 p/m
  • Reduction
  • R1,311,31 p/m
  • R1,008.57 p/m
  • R7,777.75 p/m
  • R10,097.63 p/m

Protection for your finances.

Since the National Credit Act (NCA) prescribed debt counselling as a legal debt relief process, Debt Mate has provided consumers an avenue to access the processes needed to maintain their debt. We aim to guide consumers out of the depression and anxiety that comes with debt, and to prevent the poverty and stress of the debt trap.

Debt Mate will protect you, your possessions and family from credit providers and debt collectors, harassing you and threatening to take away your possessions that are needed by you and your family. You are offered safety in the capable hands of Debt Mate and our duly authorised agents.

A Debt Repayment Plan for just for you.

By utilizing our professional agents and advisors, we can develop a debt repayment plan to suit your unique personal finances. This will ensure that you can meet your monthly living costs comfortably without undue stress. You will be able to pay your new monthly instalments, interest accrued, and our debt counselling fees, pre-arranged and calculated in your repayment plan, in single affordable package.

Debt Mate is well known.

Debt Mate has well established relationships with many Credit Providers, allowing us to negotiate beneficial repayment plans for our clients. A great reason why our financial rehabilitation plans are so well prepared and efficient to reduce our clients debt.

Apply for access to our services across South Africa.

You don’t have to come into our offices to apply for Debt Review. All South Africans can contact one of our advisors, by filling out our call back form, and an advisor will call you to find out how we can help you. The application process can be finalised over the phone and via e-mail making it easier for our clients to receive debt relief.

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