Debt Rescue

What are the steps ?

Contact Debt Mate and consult one of our professional advisors, some financial information will be requested such as what credit facilities and/or loans you may have

Our advsiors will then formally assess your debt status, by a basic rule, whether your monthly expenses, exceeds your monthly income

Should our advisors' assessment reveal that you are over-indebted we will place you under the official umbrella of Debt Review. This includes notifying your creditors of your current status.

Our advisors will then work with you and your creditors in re-structuring your payment plan and negotiate with your Credit Providers for better terms, with lower interest rates if possible.

Once the process is finalised, your repayment plan becomes a court order. Our specialist attorneys will apply at the court to make your restructured payment plan a court order.

While undergoing Debt Review, you will be protected against legal action taken by your Credit Providers and only have to pay one monthly, affordable reduced payment, leaving you with enough money for your monthly expenses.

  • Item
  • Property Bond
  • Vehicle Finance
  • Other Debt
  • Total
  • Old Payment
  • R5,245.25 p/m
  • R3,519.25 p/m
  • R11,168.25 p/m
  • R19,932.75 p/m
  • New Payment
  • R3,933.94 p/m
  • R2,510.68 p/m
  • R3,390.50 p/m
  • R9,835.12 p/m
  • Reduction
  • R1,311,31 p/m
  • R1,008.57 p/m
  • R7,777.75 p/m
  • R10,097.63 p/m
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